Dead Simple Time Tracking

easily log the work that you do and how much time you spent

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Why Start Tracking?

Tracking and logging is one way of becoming more productive at work or at home. Let me tell you how.

  • Estimate your time better.
  • Find gaps in your work day.
  • Find gaps you can fill with life.
  • It makes it easier to fill out your timesheets, invoices and status reports.
  • Keep yourself motivated to accomplish your goal or finish that side project.

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Estimate your time better.

When quoting a client or your boss on the time it takes to complete a task or project, wouldn’t it be better if you really knew how much time it took you the last time you did it? If you are able to estimate better, you give more reasonable quotes and you don’t have to cram to the meet the deadline you yourself specified.

Stop doing unpaid work. Start logging.